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Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Castle Gloria is an open community for postings relating to Eroica Yori Ai O Komete (From Eroica with Love) © Yasuko Aoike.

This community is for FAN FICTION and FAN ART ONLY. General discussions relating to "From Eroica with Love" and all other Yasuko Aoike creations should be taken to our sister community [community profile] schlosseberbach.

This community is a mirror to the one created by [personal profile] laurakaye in Livejournal 2004. It was for flash fiction challenges and has grown quite a bit since then. If you would like to issue a challenge, please do so! If you would like to answer an older challenge, that would be even better. Have a suggestion? Want to see what challenges have already been issued?


In order to make it easier to locate entries, posts are being extensively tagged. Fics that have multiple chapters not grouped in a website (i.e. Fried-Potatoes) will be added to the Community's Memories to make locating previous chapters easier. Fics that are part of a series are also being grouped in this manner. Any suggestions on simplifying searches more are always welcome. Please email me, or leave a comment in the submission rules post.


It will be helpful to all if you would tag your posts so I do not have to guess at the rating or pairing. There is a "pairing-none" tag. If you need a tag added, let me know.

If you have any concerns or questions, by all means, please feel free to email me. My email address is noted above.

-- Margaret


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[community profile] schlosseberbach - For discussion of Eroica and other Yasuko Aoike related works.
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